Friday, 24 June 2016

Dortmund Airport : 362 words

Dortmund Airport holds iATA Code as DTM. This is a small but an international airport situated around located 10 km towards east of Dortmund situated in North Rhine-Westphalia. The airport mainly serves the east part of Rhine-Ruhr area which is the largest urban agglomeration within Germany


Thursday, 23 June 2016


Cologne Airport’s full name is Bonn airport that holds IATA Code as CGN. This is an international airport while Cologne is  Germany‘s fourth largest city. The airport is also serving the former German capital, Bonn. The facility handled nearly 9.3 million passengers in 2012 and that makes Cologne as 7th largest airport in Germany while for cargo handling, it stands at 2nd position. As of early 2015, the airport connects to 115 destinations falling in 35 countries.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bremen Airport : 371 words

Bremen Airport is in Northern Germany that holds IATA Code as BRE. The airport is less than 4 kms from Bremen and has handled 2.56 million passengers back in 2011. It mainly serves flights to European and leisure destinations having base for Ryanair and Germania airlines. 


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Berlin Airport : 393 words

Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) has bus connections to Berlin city center and that makes the airport quite well integrated in Berlin’s network for public transport. Outside the terminal A and B there are four stops of Berlin Transport Services, whereas the coach to Dresden has stop at Terminal E; at lower level of the terminal. 


Monday, 20 June 2016

Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), Germany

Aachen Airport’s full name is Maastricht Aachen Airport that holds IATA Code as MST. Geographically, Aachen is a German city in the westernmost end of Germany, along Germany-Belgium and the Netherlands borders. Its location is 61 km towards southwest of Cologne.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Transport System of Toronto. A brief Review:

Toronto is the most populous city of Canada and the capital city of province, Ontario. Located at the Ontario Lake, Toronto has 26% of the entire population of Canada, making it densely populated city of the country.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Importance of pre-booking a taxi at Port Douglas International Airport

Pre-booking is the service which allows us to book any service in advance to avoid all those related issues, associated with that particular service. The significant objective of pre-booking is the saving of time which has specific cost and price for every person. Port Douglas is the tourist town of Australia, located at Queensland, always influx with millions of visitors, especially in the peak tourism season, starting from May to September. 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Do You Know, Taxis are the Best Choice at London Heathrow Airport

London is a city with elegant charm. The capital of UK is the largest financial center in the world and hence is the home to more than 100 of Europe’s 500 biggest companies’ head offices. London, UK is a place where visitors along with prominent entrepreneurs visit, making this city the most visited city in the world.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hailing a cab vs. pre-booking a taxi at Jeddah Airport

The traffic issues are raising day by day in Jeddah due to rise in cars. It is estimated that there are four million people in Jeddah, among them 1 million has their own cars. This statistics is truly alarming as it gives rise to many traffic issues. Altogether, we can say that Jeddah is a clogged city with respect of traffic. To avoid this traffic congestion and its related issues, the better choice is to pre-book Jeddah airport taxi, if you are coming to this city of Saudi Arabia.


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Taxis are better choice for business travelers in Dubai

Dubai is the business hub of Middle east and South Asia, wherever you go, you will find skyscrapers, and Towers, no hills or mountains. Every year, millions of Business travelers with trillion of dollars came into Dubai to invest in different sectors of economy.  Businessmen are the frequent and regular visitors of Dubai and playing a vital role in the development the economy of this splendid city.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Taxis are better choice for business travelers in Jeddah

Business traveler always accounts for monetizing benefits from infrastructure development and growth. In all the big cities like Jeddah, business travelling is the core reason of transport planning and evaluation. Business class travelers have always been honorable in every country due to their important role in economy sector. These travelers always have time constraints in a pre-determined schedule of business trip. Pre-booking of taxi in Jeddah is only solution to start a purposeful journey.


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Local Transport of Manamah, Bahrain

Since Manamah is part of Middle East and Gulf countries, it has its significance for many foreign workers who come here for the search of better living. Manamah offers workers, tourists, and families an excellent environment for shopping, entertainment and adventure.


Online Taxi Bookings for Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It is a developed and amongst the populous cities in the region. Transportation system includes intercity trains, Airports, Roads, Ferries and city bikes etc. The City has so many famous historical places and people visit it in huge numbers.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Stavanger Airport

Stavanger Airport, Sola is located at the Stavanger a municipality and county in Norway. It is situated at 6.9 miles south-west of Stavanger in the Sola municipality. It has 9 destinations to domestic flight provide by 5 Airlines and 37 destinations to international flight offered by 11 Airlines.


Taxi Service in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the largest and capital city of Slovenia. Transportation system of Ljubljana is well developed. People use, air transport, road transport, rail transport and bicycles as medium of travelling. Many private transport companies are operating in this city and providing their services for locals and tourists.


International Kazan Airport, Russia

The international airport of Kazan, Russia is actually located in Tatarstan Russia. It is around 25 km southeast of Kazan which is the largest airport in Tatars tan and it is the 15th busiest airport in Russia.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Taxi Services in San Francisco

San Francisco is the financial and commercial center of Northern California of United States of America. Transportation is one of the big key factors in the growth of any economy. Transportation system includes freeways and roads structure, public transport, private transport, airports services, seaport and taxi services.


Galway Airport—Recently Reservicized

Short run-way has really been the irritating blot on the smooth texture of Galway Airport. It is what actually prompted the Irish Government to cancel its licence every now and then. In Oct, 2011 it was closed to all sorts of commercial flights. 


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Riga Airport—Facilitating You Marvellously

Riga Airport is proud to be the busiest airport of the state, Latvia. Several flights from there take off to around 30 different destinations all over the world. Since its launching back in 1972, it has been the centre of interest for billions of passengers.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Booking Cabs in Tallinn

Tallinn is the largest capital city of Estonia. It is famous for its tourism and manufacturing sector. The city has economically high impact on the growth of the country. Its transportation network is well developed; consists of airways, railways and road network.


Belgium Tourism

Belgium is a small and beautiful country in northwestern Europe and offers many places of interest for tourist. There are many breathtaking architectural buildings, monuments, museums to visit and the beaches or even the hilly Ardennes are exclusive sites for nature lover.


Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport founded in 1925 is the major airport serving not only Copenhagen but the entire Zealand, Denmark, southern Sweden and the entire Oresund region. It is known to be the largest airport situated in the Nordic countries; allowing approximately 26 million passengers (according to record in 2014) to travel. 


Perth Airport

Perth airport is the largest airport in Western Australia. It has two runways and two terminals. One out of the two is the domestic terminal while the other is the one that handles international passenger traffic. The two terminals are located 11km apart. 


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Revealing the Diverse Culture of US

Every country has its own culture due to which there is cultural diversity. People consider culture as their identity. That’s why they never ignore their culture instead they remain stick to their culture throughout their life. 


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Info-box of Trieste Airport

Situated 33 kms from the city centre, Trieste Airport is, though small, yet observed to enjoy a spiking popularity. The sudden emerge in the wave of its popularity makes us anticipate its bright future. Presently, it is recorded to serve the needs of 5 millions passengers on daily basis, which is very likely to get doubled or even tripled in coming years. Another of its remarkable features is its being located close to the borders of Slovenia and Croatia. Besides these, several other facilities connected to the airport add a lot to the overall charm of the city.


Monday, 2 May 2016

The Prestige of Rome Airport

Located around 40 km away from the city centre, Rome airport has the honour to serve about 15 million dwellers of the city on daily basis. It is one of the busiest airports in Italy with two terminals and two runways. Another runway is under construction which is supposed to be accomplished by the end of 2017. Apart from this, handsome number of airlines is directly associated with Rome Airport.


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Attractions of Naples Airport and the City Itself

Naples International Airport is around 7 kms away from the central Naples which makes to/from airport transfer quite smooth and convenient. Apart from this, airport is renowned to be rich with all basic urban facilities in modernized form. Today, we aim at having a comprehensive overview of everything covering airport and integrated facilities.


Tallinn airport, known for their schedules and punctuality, don’t only offer easy traveling through air. You can use this largest airport in Estonia to reach your destinations within the city through ground. 



Vienna is a beautiful land of Austria. It comprises of 23 districts. Its places are admirable and attract tourists from all over the world. Transportation system of Vienna is completely organized and all means and ways of transport are under one roof. Public and private transports are available 24/7.


Zürich Kloten Airport

Zürich Kloten Airport or more precisely the International Zürich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland that allows passengers from all over the world to travel to different destinations. 


Milan Airports

There are usually three main airports that are always associated with the city of Milan. There are three main airports are namely the Linate. Maslpensa and the famous Bergamo. The Bergamo Airport is not actually located in Milan itself but many airlines now call it the airport the Milano Bergamo simply because it usually provides very easy access to the centre of Milan.


Saturday, 30 April 2016


Los Angeles is one of the largest populated cities in California.  This is a global city which is famous for its business, international trade, art and culture, technology, fashion, science, medicine, research and economic power.


Milan Airport—The Symbol of Elegance

There are plenty of things adding massively to the overall charm of Italy, and the Milan International Airport is certainly one of them. The airport is renowned for dense arrivals and departures of a variety of airlines on daily basis. The huge number of passengers it serves everyday makes it one of the busiest airports not only in the country, but also all over the world. Milan Airport is a well-facilitated plane-station with all basic and value-added facilities available within the range of and near the airport. It is as close to the city centre as 40 km. The most remarkable feature of it is being attached with the river. 


Top Durban Taxi Companies

Durban is the one of the largest cities in South Africa. It is famous for busiest port and best place for tourism in South Africa. Transportation system of Durban is most developed and well organized system in this country.


Geneva airport and ground transportation

Geneva airport is located approximately 4 kilometers from the city is easily reachable by many sources of public transport, including, train, bus, taxi or shuttle. A Train ride from the Airport to the central railway station in Gare Cornavin takes only 6 minutes which means you can utilize this route to connect to other stops. Busses also allow you to reach the station in about 20 minutes.



The famous Wonder Boom international airport is actually located north of Pretoria South Africa. The amazing airport handles general’s aviation flights and may offer passenger service in the future.


Pulling the Curtains from the Facilities of Rio de Janeiro Airport

Rio de Janeiro enjoys the honour of being regarded as the second largest city of Brazil. But, it is certainly not the only thing illuminating the city profile, but also its being blessed with the biggest (in terms of area) and second largest (in terms of occupation) airport is what intensifies its adorability and fame. Yes. Rio de Janeiro Airport, which is renowned to have all the basic and additional facilities associated with the main airport, is worth the appreciation it receives.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Bengaluru International Airport

Bangalore Airport, which is also known as HAL Bangalore Airport or just HAL Airport is a hub for business flights and for general aviation. It is also a testing facility by the Indian Armed Forces and is used by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Australia The Paradise of Amazing and Colorful Coral Reefs

The coral paradise in Queensland Australia is also called as one of the “seven natural wonders of the world”. Tourists came in and out to Queensland to experience for themselves how it feels to swim and dive at the coral reefs in Australia.


Friday, 22 April 2016


A country with beautiful culture and historical background is geographically located in North America on the globe. It is one of the largest and economically strong countries in the world named after its own capital city “Mexico City”. The native language of Mexico is Spanish. Roman Catholic is considered the main religion of this beautiful land. People are very much literate. The country gets second place in Latin America as per population. 


Let’s Go and Eat in Bahrain!

When you have heard about Bahrain, many people would surely recommend for you to try a number of dishes that the country has to offer for you. The Bahrain is known because of the very impressive dining outlook they have. There are also hundreds of restaurants for you to choose from and surely, you will love to check out each of it.


Travel to Bath via the Bristol Airport

Bath is a well known, beautiful and unique tourism spot, where visitors are allowed to have the perfect city break at this city centre. There are various activities one can enjoy; Bath is full of opportunities for people who like to enjoy a little adventure once in a while.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Taxi Services in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the largest cities of Australia. Before traveling to Brisbane, it will be great if you make sure that you have arrangements for your transportation. Online service of transport companies makes it easy for the people to find the best vehicles for them.


A Word-Flight to Dublin Airport and Its Features

A star-city on the vast Irish Horizon, Dublin is proud to have internationally recognized and well-facilitated airport branded as Dublin International Airport. Since its launching, the wave of its popularity is at spike. One of the busiest airports in Ireland is it with marvellous copulation of basic and additional services in every term from transportation to shopping, dining, money-exchange, and many more.


5 Best Online Taxi Booking Services of Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the largest and capital city of Hungary. Budapest transport system is well developed and consists of airport transport, public transports, private transports, roads, railways, ports and taxis.


Warsaw Chopin Airport

arsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland has the Warsaw Chopin Airport which is Poland busiest international airport named after Polish composer Frederic Chopin. It is actually located at Wlochy (south-west) district of Warsaw, around 10 km from the city centre. It was formerly called as Warsaw-Okecie Airport/ Okecie International Airport.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016


The only international airport in the city of Venice, Italy is the Venice Marco Polo Airport. The airport is on Italian mainland and north of Venice. Venice is a very nice and important place to plan for a holiday.


4 Cab Companies in Cape Town

Cape Town is the most famous city for tourism in South Africa. Transportation system of Cape Town is developed which includes air transport, rail transport network, road transport, buses transports, and private taxis. There are two kinds of taxis available in Cape Town, one is the metered taxis and second is the minibus taxis.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mexico City: The Mexican City with most Contemporary Metro Service

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and the seat of federal powers though it is not the part of Mexican federation as a whole. It is the largest city of Mexico and also a hub of country’s finance, economy, culture, and education.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Turkey- Nation of two worlds

It doesn’t need to be stated that Globalization has spread throughout this world at a rampant rate and it does not seem to be decreasing this growth rate. Today, every nation is within its reach and it is only further integrating the whole world into one seamless entity.