Saturday, 7 November 2015

Brazil: Strength of the Armed forces

Brazil: Strength of the Armed forcesBrazil is the largest nation in South America and some of the largest nations in the whole world. As of today, they are some of the most powerful nations in the whole world and their militaristic might in all the Americas is comparable to only the United States of America. Even though the Brazil is not involved in almost any ongoing conflicts with any nations and does not face a serious threat from any of its immediate neighbors, Brazil’s expenditure in the army has been quite extensive. Brazil’s Army has recently occupied themselves in efforts to help in the betterment of their own nation. Brazilian army runs many programs that engages them in activities at school, in construction and any other place that requires their expertize. Unlike most other nations, Brazilian laws have permitted the army to intervene in certain matters of internal conflict and are often used in civil matters.

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